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An exclusive interactive Media Multi-Channel iHUB  in which are combined over the videos, audio and maps unique metastories and call-to-actions, experiences with interactive shoppable actions.

At first glance an interactive television that broadcasts interactive Metastories (Shoptainment, Edutainment, Infotainment, Artainment), but in real it's the  dynamic interface of a Metacompany , which based on interactive videos, does not need VR or AR to work.

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Brand awareness

Exclusive metastories and interactive storytelling  to create enduring brand value and direct interactions with products or Values.

Start with us to build a new customer experience for your Brand.

Shoptainment Activities

A new Over-the-Video and Over-the-Music (or audio) shopping experience for your customers with exclusive call-to-action synchronized with the experiences and emotions.

Start with us to build a new customer experiences for your products and services.

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Infotainment Activities

Beyond traditional Press-Release, Press-Conferences, events and Companies communications, create new interaction opportunities with your audience and clients.

Start with us to create new value for your information and communication.

EduBusiness Activities

By combining Edutainment, Infotainment and Business in an interactive way, create new deepest Cross-Experiences for your customers. 

Start with us to create a new interaction over the business.

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